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La ciudad mas linda del país Paso de los Toros
The city of the center of Uruguay, Paso de los Toros is a city that it attracts several tourists of the this country and the outside. At the moment the city has around 15,000 inhabitants who are hospitable and very amiable. The city has beautifull beaches and an enormous camping with all the ample comforts like and pretty cabins, potable water, baths with cold and hot water, activities for the children and the old people. Also qua has the Nautico club which offers very cheap varied activities for a low cost. For accommodation Paso de los Toros has hotels of two and three stars (Rincon del Bonete Hotel and Sayonara Hotel) and also has to the municipal inn with a excelent Vista to the Negro River of all parts of the city. Paso de los Toros gives every tourist that special felling that they get surprised of this place and make them return. MORE PHOTOS

La primer represa del Uruguay History
Formerly the city was a rural establishment of the family Balsamo, this place was the area where the water of the Rio Negro was lower called "el paso" so all the bulls which came from the north had to pass in this place as to take them to the port at montevideo for export so it was called" Paso general de los Toros" in Spanish make coherence. A treatment establish that this place would be called villa " Santa Isabel de Paso de los Toros" because people started to live there and the population appeared. Soon the first bridges were constructed that crossed the mighty Rio Negro that allowed the communication between the north and the south of Uruguay thanks to the railroad. Then the city populatiob started growing highly between laborers and imigrantes of Italy, Spain and of England and other places of the world that in general came to install some commerce, to work in the farms or to the industry this is the case of the tonic water Paso de los Toros that at the moment is very well-known as to pomelo and the orange drink of the same name which was created with Italian equipment by a gentleman of that country that was very appreciated by the people of city( véa report ). In 1945 the immense hidroelectric dam was finished that this closely together to actual city(see above) called Rincón del Boneté by the German partnership Siemens who was for our electicity service "UTE" the dam produces electicity but also controlls the Rio Negro level of the water also it was the first dam constructed in Uruguay. Soon in 1958 after the great precipitation fall so it happened a great flood and the dam was overflowed and the city was all flooded but in 1992 the dam was fixed finally with the work of 15 years with advanced computer technology. In 1959 Paso de los Toros was established "city". And the city little by little was growing with its people and the tourism.

Some outstanding personages of the city are: Mario Benedetti (Poet and Writer) , Fabian O´neill(Player of the Juventus soccer club) , Victor Púa(technical director of the Uruguayan soccer) , Aldo Fabian Diaz(Player of Tacuarembo soccer club) .

La ciudad Luz The Commerce
The commerce was appearing around 1925 approximately after the entrance of high number of people of other countries like Spain and Italy. In the city which is sold many services since the city lives thanks to the commerce althouth there is a slaughter industry of task of hares that employs much to many people. All the offered products have a great variety on watch and quality. If you go don´t be worried there are supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and Pizza shops.

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